2014: Exhibits Committee


Laura reported we have a total of 17 exhibitors which is typical at this point before conference. We have room for a maximum of 40. Hosptitality/Speakers and Registration will contact the authors and investigate where to order books, etc. They will organize a selling table and take care of autographs, etc.

We need to:
check arrangements for delivery and departure of items exhibitors need to ship
organize door prize list and check with those not attending but providing a door prize (Lakeshore, Prairie Pages)
create a spreadsheet of exhibitor needs for set-up, check in with Joel Boe at Ramkota
list of names for name tags, meals and registration packet to registration committee
exhibitor layout map and key to Bookmarks editor in September
exhibitor thank you for registration packet

6/18/14: Marta has been in touch with Scott and author needs will be discussed and determined at the July 11 meeting.

Laura's Exhibitor File as of 6/5/14:

From: Upell, Joan
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 11:23 AM
To: Sayer, Wynne; Hageman, Carol; Stirling, Marta
Cc: Healy, Jane; Mentzel, Nina; Rockwell, Jasmine; Hemmelman, Brenda
Subject: RE: SDLA/ Ramkota needs/conference layout?

Wynne, first, thank you, thank thank you!

Marta and I are in charge of exhibits which will be in Gallery C, D, E on Wednesday (including set-up) and Thursday (including break-down). Lake Sharpe A will be the Internet Cafe which we will manage also, but hours for that have not yet been set in stone. It was discussed that Wynne would help our committee cover this room and that handouts would be located there instead of stuffed in conference bags. Exhibitors would register at the same registration table as everyone else.

Our only contact with the hotel was to confirm that those rooms were ours. We have not seen a contract or any details about tables, booths, curtains, curtain rings, table cloths, skirts, extension cords, carts, dollies, shipping methods, wifi, etc. At this point we also know nothing about possible author autographing and related needs that we need to take care of.

We do know that Sara Easter will be playing for the Exhibits Opening and will use a keyboard provided by the hotel. We will make sure she has a spot and that there are spaces for the bar and break tables.

We are planning on a maximum of 40 exhibitors and have made follow-up calls as well as are keeping up with the exhibitor registrations with Laura Olson. As of today we have 15 confirmed and paid, more who say they are coming but not yet paid. We have not created a layout of tables and booths yet as it is too early.

We are going to follow the advice of last year's committee and handle door prizes as follows:
Vendor keeps door prize at their booth. Vendor draws a prize winner’s name from their own entry bin. (If a door prize has been donated by a vendor who is not exhibiting can that be handled at the SDSL table?) Vendor gives prize winner’s name to Exhibits table volunteers by 10 a.m. prior to the Thursday luncheon. Exhibits table staff gives a list of prizewinners & names of donating exhibitor to the luncheon MC. The MC announces winners & name of exhibitor. MC will ask winner to pick up their prize at the exhibitor’s booth 15 minutes before the close of the exhibits. Exhibits volunteer staff will keep the list of vendors/prize winners at the registration table just in case there are any questions about prizes.

We'll fill you in as we learn more...

Exhibits Committee Members: Marta Stirling, Joan Upell, Fran Peterson, Angela Ostrander, Rose Hertel, Deb Rumrill