2014 SDSL Conference: Local SDSL Committees
October 1-3, 2014
Fellow SDSL staff -- this area is for us. Please add in info as you need. We will try to keep this page as the most "up-to-date" summary of where we are if at all possible. Thanks! --W

SDLA's webpage: http://www.sdlibraryassociation.org/?page=32
Ramkota: http://pierre.bwramkota.com/meetings/
Contact: Joel Boe, Assistant Catering Manager
224-8677, ext. 3005
Alternate contact: Eilene Aberle: sales@pierreramkota.com

SDLA Conference Schedule:

Meeting Notes from 7/11/14:

(feel free to edit as necessary --wns)

  • Scott Ahola: programming is complete, $5,500 sponsorships, signage is responsibility of Local Arrangements Committee (LAC), no scheduled ILS demos at this time, Bernie Hunhoff may donate some magazines
  • Signage: Submit needs to Wynn, will need to discuss budget w/ Daria
  • Exhibits (Joan/Marta): final counts, autographed books, Internet cafe in Lake Sharpe A, Gallery C D & E for Exhibits.
  • Food (Jasmine/Colleen): Beverages, meals are set, cash bar scheduled with poster sessions and exhibits, boxed lunch on wednesday, Ramkota requires a head count 2 weeks and also a final count 2 days before event, SDLA will be direct billed
  • Robin Schrupp (Rawlins): staff is available for whatever needs
  • Registration (Brenda/Kathleen): something for LAC people to wear? bracelets/bandanas?; "green" bags, counting on about 175-200 people... Laura has the ALA and MPLA ribbons,
  • Technology (Nina, Wynn, Jane): presenter's contracts have been received and needs are submitted in our database, Ramkota has equipment available but these are NOT covered in the contract, BHSU (Scott) has laptops and screens available (Also Augustana has some as well), Will be helping with poster sessions as needed.
  • Hospitality (Carol, Bell): Contracts in, has 3 speakers flying in... requested Scott to forward necessary travel details/needs, preparing bags/gifts for speakers
  • Entertainment (Brenda/Robin S): Ideas for something humorous, drill team (might not work out logistically), Happy-type library music video, Sarah Easter will play piano, also Jim Szana group scheduled, Dessert reception at CHC includes truffles and cupcakes


From: Bossman, Daria
Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 2:26 PM
Cc: Ahola, Scott; Verhelst, Quynn
Subject: FW: next SDLA Board Meeting

Local Arrangements committee meeting will be in the morning, probably around 10:00 am. Please be prepared to give a full reporting of progress in your various areas of responsibility. Carol, could you pass this along to Jean. Please let others know who are not part of SDSL who are on your committees if they care to join us. Daria

SDSL Staff (updated per Daria 7/10/14)

  • Food: Jasmine and Colleen
  • Vendors/Exhibits: Joan and Marta
  • Speakers: Julie and Shawn
  • Transportation/gifts/hospitality: Jean, Bell and Carol
  • Registration Desk: Brenda and Kathleen
  • Room Assignments: Daria
  • Interface w/ Ramkota: Daria
  • Local entertainment/Dessert Reception: Brenda and Kathleen
  • Technology: Wynne, Jane and Nina

Important Documents: