2014 Technology Committee

Jane, Wynn & Nina
Responsible for presenter technology needs (including backups/extras):
  • projectors (3 reserved from SDSL; possibly 4 more from SDSL remotes)
  • laptops/computers (1+ from SDSL)
  • internet (15 hot spots already reserved from DOE; Ramkota has previously assured W that internet should be sufficient.)
  • outlets (need 10-15?)
  • Orange extension cords, belongs to SDLA: (currently in crate at Wynn's desk, total of 7)



Meeting Notes from 9/8/14:

  • need confirmation from BHSU on laptops, screens and projectors
  • 4 simultaneous sessions, so planning on equipment for each room plus general sessions (5)
  • planning on utilizing amphitheater rooms
  • Pre-Conference responsibilities?? Looks like there's a Screening...
  • Any needs from other sessions -- business meeting, keynotes, awards banquet, etc.
  • microphones and other AV needs
  • Additional tables have been requested by speakers

Follow up from Scott Ahola 9/9/14 [email]:

Hi Jane – I talked with Daria yesterday and she was going to work on the room assignments and also technology – you should have contracts for each speaker and what their needs are – I cannot bring laptops from BHSU – they are thin clients and only work on campus – I can bring projectors and screens but I need to know how many you need – you are responsible for preconference and for the screening of the lesser blessed – I am bringing the movie from here – in terms of podium and microphones I believe that is your responsibility as well – I will ask about the amphitheater rooms.

Follow up from Daria 9/9/14 [email]:

Scott, Joel says we can have the amphitheaters for free, no extra charge from 5 pm on Oct 1 through October 3rd. What format is your movie in? Ramkota has built in DVD players or you can bring your laptop. They do not have a projector if it is in reel to reel format. Daria


  • The amphitheaters have podiums with mikes that can be detached from their stand.
  • DeeDee Raap has requested such a podium along w/projector, screen, flipchart/easel, plus table for book sale/display
    No one else requested a mike, though we will want a podium w/mike at the general sessions.
  • Rooms other than the amphitheaters are small enough that microphones shouldn’t be necessary,
  • if Scott could bring 4 [projectors], then we would have it covered in case we have some blow-outs.
  • Wynn's compiling possible necessary purchases such as surge protectors and additional flipcharts/ easel pads (current state contract is with Office Max)
  • movie screening will need to be in the larger amphitheater—with the Ramkota screen, mike, & sound



Meeting Notes from 7/11/14:

  • Internet cafe in Lake Sharpe A,
  • presenter's contracts have been received and needs are submitted in our database
  • Ramkota has equipment available but these are NOT covered in the contract
  • BHSU (Scott) has laptops and screens available (Also Augustana has some as well)
  • Will be helping with poster sessions as needed.

Ramkota provides:

Amphitheater I
Amphitheater II
Lewis & Clark
Lake Francis Case
Lake Sharpe
projector/ screen
front and rear
screen projection*
front and rear
screen projection*

laptop/ computer

sound system
PA/ microphone,
Cassette/CD Player*
PA/ microphone,
Cassette/CD Player*

Wi-Fi Internet*
Wi-Fi Internet*

extension cords


*according to Ramkota's meeting/event guidebook
    • updated 9/9/14, removed amphitheater projector/screen strikeouts.

Device Charging Stations:

Tables with power strips/ surge protectors, extension cords available in hallways, backs/side of session rooms, dining in conjunction with internet cafe.

Internet Cafe:

Tentative Schedule


7:15-12:15 (closed during Daria's State of the SDSL)