SDSL (South Dakota State Library) Conference Wiki

This wiki will host discussions with South Dakota State Library Staff and fellow South Dakota Librarians as we plan future Continuing Education events or similar discussion panels.

2014 SDLA Conference - SDSL local committees

October 1-3, 2014
A space for SDSL staff to use in planning for their committee's needs.


Creating/ Redesigning your library website: a panel discussion (SDLA)

September 23, 2010.
Presented by Wynne Nafus Sayer (SDSL), Danielle Loftus (USD), Cindy Messenger (Hot Springs Public Library, and Peg Williams (Potter County Public Library). Produced by Brenda Hemmelman (SDSL) and Stacia McGourty (SDSL).
A panel discussion on creating and/or redesigning a library website. Library personnel from libraries of various shapes and sizes that have either created or redesigned a site over the past couple of years will be the panelists. Audience members would get a sense of the different software that could be used (from high tech to simply using a blog), obstacles that the designers had to face and how they worked around them, and ideas for their own website projects.