Creating/ Redesigning your library website: a panel discussion

SDLA Annual Conference
Thursday, September 23rd, 2010. 8:30-9:30 am

A panel discussion on creating and/or redesigning a library website. Library personnel from libraries of various shapes and sizes that have either created or redesigned a site over the past couple of years will be the panelists. Audience members would get a sense of the different software that could be used (from high tech to simply using a blog), obstacles that the designers had to face and how they worked around them, and ideas for their own website projects.


  • Wynne Nafus Sayer, South Dakota State Library. Information Officer/ Webmaster. Currently redesigning SDSL website.
  • Peg Williams, Potter County Library. Librarian. Uses a blog for public library website.
  • Cindy Messenger, Hot Springs Public Library. Worked with a design agency on website redesign.
  • Danielle Loftus, USD University Libraries. In-house Webmaster, Academic library. Utilized 2.0 tools including Chat, RSS.
  • Lea Briggs, Presentation College.
  • Angela Ostrander, Faith Public Library.
Producers: Brenda Hemmelman and Stacia McGourty, South Dakota State Library


Discussion Points:

Recommended Reading:

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TONS of other links are on Wynn's Delicious listing: or


The purpose of this Wiki is so that panelists can plot their discussion points and create a PowerPoint display.